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Cisco and NXP invest in Connected-Car company

Cohda Wireless is an Australian company that specializes in car-to-car communication to further the production of Intelligent Transport systems. It makes sense for a networking company and a semiconductor business to invest in this technology. Cisco and NXP believe that we could benefit from this technology. They could wirelessly exchange information that could tell your vehicle to slow…

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Huawei on the Hot Seat Again

China based telecommunications company Huawei is again drawing fire for its participation in activities out government frowns upon. Reuters reviewed a number of documents indicating that Huawei bid on an equipment purchase that Iran was looking to buy. The problem is that this equipment is restricted, and in some cases banned under embargo between the US…

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Huawei High Risk To United States

Huawei, a Chinese information and communication technology company was recently pointed out by our government as a potential security risk. Huawei denies any foul play when it comes to their company or the equipment they sell but government officials like Rep. Mike Rogers says the company is very secretive and does not allow the US…

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