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Huawei High Risk To United States

Huawei, a Chinese information and communication technology company was recently pointed out by our government as a potential security risk. Huawei denies any foul play when it comes to their company or the equipment they sell but government officials like Rep. Mike Rogers says the company is very secretive and does not allow the US full access to investigate the company outside of its US facilities.

On 60 Minutes last night Rogers pointed out the huge security risk this company brings to the table as its products are designed and built in China.

Sprint, one of our nation’s leading telecommunication providers was even urged to choose a different hardware provider when considering upgrades to their network. Since the urges were coming from our government, Sprint did just that, they went elsewhere for their hardware upgrades.

The worry here is that if China does have backdoors, or other malicious code built into their devices, they could easily cause havoc in our nation by simply shutting down all of our communications.

Huawei denies any wrong doing and continues to push hard in our markets to try and grow here as well. In many other countries Huawei is a major player in the IT sector just not as much here…yet.

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