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AT&T Beginning to Develop Home Automation

AT&T has recently announced that they will be releasing a wireless home monitoring system that will be all digital and will allow consumers to automate tasks such as monitoring security, changing the temperature, locking to doors, or turning off the lights from a smart phone, tablet, or PC regardless of which carrier that you use.

The best part of this is that Cisco has teamed up with AT&T for the past two years  to work on this project. When asked why Cisco chose AT&T Chambers said, “We chose AT&T as our partner because we saw a company trying to reinvent itself.” He went on to say that, “AT&T is probably two or three years ahead of its peers in delivering a Digital Home.”

AT&T will be rolling out the Smart Home system in March in 8 cities. Then from there they will add more cities each month. However with less than 1% of homes using home automation there will be hurdles to overpass. They may have to release the Home Automation in modules this way you can pick and choose what you need and have to control with your device.