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Black Friday Blitz

Black Friday is THE day to get the best deals according to both consumers and resellers alike. Every year after Thanksgiving millions of people take to the streets in the search for the best deals on what for some is an after Thanksgiving treat and for others the gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday. While…

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IBM: New Memory in the Works

IBM is once again doing something pretty amazing. Their engineers are currently working on a new type of memory that is supposedly one hundred times fast than flash memory. The remarkable thing about this RAM is not just its speed, but, it’s really cheap to produce. Even at the early stages IBM is saying that…

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Self-Repairing Computers

Okay, so I must admit, the idea of a self-repairing computer does sound a bit futuristic. A group of computer scientists named “CRISP (Cutting edge Reconfigurable ICs for Stream Processing” is developing a new type of process that allows individual components to fail and the processor to continue to function. While the processor obviously would…

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