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Marriott Fined $600,000

 A major pet peeve of mine while traveling is having to endure the ridiculous fees that hotels charge you to get online. A very capable home Internet connection might cost you about $60/mo, but many hotels see nothing wrong with charging you $15 per day - and even then, the performance you get from your…

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New QOS Type Service to be Released

Qualcomm, one of the nation’s leading mobile technology leaders is preparing to announce a new technology they say will change the way your devices use that precious bandwidth. Qualcomm said that they will be showing a device at the Consumer Electronic Association (CES) convention this year that is similar to current Quality of Service (QOS)…

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Faster WiFi Soon!

Not too far around the corner we could be seeing a couple new wireless standards coming out. In the past we have had Wireless A, B, G, and more recently N. Each of these standards has improved the amount of data that was able to be transferred over the WiFi connection. These standards really took…

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