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Faster WiFi Soon!

Not too far around the corner we could be seeing a couple new wireless standards coming out. In the past we have had Wireless A, B, G, and more recently N. Each of these standards has improved the amount of data that was able to be transferred over the WiFi connection. These standards really took off beginning with Wireless B which had a data transfer speed of up to 11 Mbps, then was Wireless G at 54Mbps, and Finally today’s current standard Wireless N which has a Data Transfer rate of up to 450Mbps. Wireless N having a speed of 450Mbps is already faster than most users internet connections so even though the new wireless is going to be much faster, users will likely see not difference in their internet usage. The new standards in development are Wireless AC and Wireless AD. These two new standards will have top speeds of 1Gbps and 7Gbps respectively.

So why even make the new standards if they will not improve your internet access speed you ask? One of the main reasons one of the main ideas the companies developing the technology say this would be useful for is video streaming. With many home users and businesses alike streaming video to PC’s and Larger displays this standard would allow the already downloaded videos to be streamed from a user’s PC or Media Center in the highest quality without the need of buffering every few seconds like happens now.

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