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Are Your Work Habits Making You Sick?

Do you take your phone everywhere you go, including the bathroom? Do not worry you are not alone. Studies show that 16% of phones have fecal matter on them. So even if you borrow a phone that is something to think about. There is now an easy way to eliminate 99.99% of germs for up to 2 weeks with as little as wiping your devices down with ionSwipes.

These wipes are lightly saturated with  a mixture of bacterial killing ions. After wiping your device down with an ionSwipe it will leave a thin layer of silver, copper, and zinc ions on the surface of your device for about 2 weeks. Germs cannot survive on the surface treated with the ionSwipes. The layer of ions will bond to any surface and be invisible as well. ionSwipes are an effective and natural way to eliminate germs on any surface for up to 2 weeks.