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Trouble for MS Surface

With Microsoft’s new tablet, Surface, out recently and predictions it is going to hurt Apple’s bottom line it was only a matter of time before Apple responded with a new product line to try and tempt users away from Microsoft.

Apple is releasing the new iPad Mini in an attempt to steal some of its user base back. This new iPad offers many of the features offered by the full size version but not all of them. The other major difference between the Mini and the regular model is the price point. While iPads average at $599, the iPad Mini is to sell for a fraction of that at only $329. The price difference alone may be enough to steal back Apple’s customers.

Microsoft Surface has the same price point as the normal full size iPads and has not released any plans that they will be making a smaller 7 inch version to compete with Apple’s new iPad though it would not be surprising if Microsoft did since they are pushing very hard with their new Windows 8 and Surface lines.

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