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Mac’s New Threats

Mac users beware! There is a new malware attack that is taking place on Mac’s. That’s right; contrary to popular belief the beloved Mac is vulnerable to Malware attacks.  Those Mac advocates try to lead people to believe that Macs are better than PC’s simply because they do not get malware. Mac’s do get attacked on occasion by malware, the reason you don’t see this more often however, is that, they are such a small market share in comparison to the Windows based PC’s that almost everyone owns. That fact alone means that hackers developing this malware are being smart and trying to get the most bang for the time they put into developing.

While I do not agree that Macs a less susceptible to malware I will acknowledge the fact that Macs are generally made with higher quality parts and then to have a bit longer life due to that. Only problem I would point out when it comes to Macs hardware, if say your screen went bad they generally want to replace the screen and the motherboard at an authorized dealer only. On a PC a screen replacement would only cost you a fraction of that price.

When it comes to what PC you choose to buy the choice is yours, I just recommend that people do a bit of research before believing all the propaganda that implies that Macs are “Malware and Problem Free” because, let’s face it, even Macs can break.

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