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Twitter Becoming More Profitable

This really isn’t technology related specifically but does have to do with a very popular form of communication in today’s day and age.

Twitter, one of the social networking world’s big players, has been becoming more and more profitable over a fairly short period of time.  Twitter, like many other website have ads on it that allows companies to invest money into advertising their products. Google another company with similar advertising options also offers AdWords which allows users to post ads on a pay per click advertising model. Twitter in that past has also offered this option but was generally used by large corporations due to the cost. Advertising on Twitter has grown from an average cost of roughly $25,000 -$35,000 to upwards of $120,000 per day!

It just goes to show what direction advertising is going and how big of business this really is. It also shows how technology and the way companies are presenting the products to consumers are changing drastically.