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Windows 8 Just a Mess of Icons

With Windows 8 releasing a developers version several weeks ago people are already beginning to form conclusions to the success and usefulness of this new operating system. Many users complain that the new GUI is not user friendly stating that it looks like a big mess of icons with little to no organization at all.

Many users want to have their old start menus back, or at least have it as an option. A lot of users are complaining that this drastic change to the way Windows functions will cause a huge drop in productivity as it will take many users longer to get to the programs they normally use.

Microsoft, though defending the design of Windows 8, is beginning to take some of the criticisms into consideration since there are so many people angered by the new design. Though Microsoft does see the comments being made they are not getting rid of the new “Metro” interface entirely, or even giving you the option to replace it with your old start menu. Instead, they are adjusting the GUI they have already designed to allow you to group your programs based on various factors to allow you to more easily navigate. If you haven’t gotten to see the new Windows 8 start screen just take a look at the picture posted with this article.

In my opinion, unless Microsoft changes the way this OS is designed drastically, or at least allows its users to use the old style start menus, I think this OS is going to flop horribly just like Vista did several years ago. While I think many home users may like the new GUI, I do not think this will be adopted to businesses as it is just too different. At this point it seems that Windows 7 is going to be the new Windows XP and will stick around for years to come.

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