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Who’s Watching You

Ever since technology has been becoming more entwined with our society people have wondered just who is watching. As a matter of fact this idea of “Big Brother” has been around for years. Anyone remember “1984” by George Orwell. Seems the government and other organizations are stepping closer and closer to the ideas portrayed in this book in many different ways every day.

Over the past year there have been numerous occasions with various forms of technology that have been caught tracking its users without explicit permission to do so. Apple, Android (Google), and many others have all done this and now you can add one more to the guilty list. That’s right; everyone’s beloved Facebook has been caught using tracking cookies after its users logged out of their website which the company claims it was only using to improve their users experience on their webpages.

So are you being tracked right now? In my opinion, since it seems like everyday people discover other ways that companies can track users of their items, possibly. Due to the fact that our country uses so much technology and companies try to find out how the technology is being used to “improve customer experience” then I think it’s probably a pretty good chance that something you are using now, or at least later, will track your behaviors in some manner.

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