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Windows Chief Turns the MS Surface into a Skateboard

Steven Sinofsky is the Windows chief and yesterday he wanted to displays the Surface’s durability by riding it like a skateboard. So he quickly strapped on the wheels, and put on a helmet for safety. Then he jumped up on the Surface and rode it. He even decided to post proof on his twitter feed.

This is possible because the Microsoft Surface has been manufactured with Gorilla Glass 2. Gorilla Glass 2 is the choice glass for mobile devices. This is because it is twenty percent thinner than its predecessor yet as durable. It is already used in over 750 mobile devices from 33 different companies.
As  Sinofsky was riding the Surface skateboard edition the Surface became available to pre-order. Shortly after posting the pictures of him riding the Surface the cheap model of the Surface’s delivery date was pushed out by three-to-four weeks. The more expensive model is still available with the Launch of Windows 8, which is October 26th.