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Taco Bell – Pre-Order From Your Phone

c157547_mTaco Bell sends “fourthmeal” to whole new level.

Taco Bell has joined the order by smartphone craze. Their new app will allow their customers to order ahead of time. Customers will have the option of going through the drive-thru or going inside to pick up their meal.

While Taco Bell is the first of the major fast food chains to fully release of their app, McDonald’s and Burger King are expected to join the race shortly. McDonald’s has run tests in certain market segments to test the waters, but with the news of Taco Bell going all in, I would expect to see their time table moved up for full release.

Taco Bell’s senior director of digital marketing (DM) says, “You’ll be able to order products that no one else can.”  Taco Bell plans to launch a customer loyalty program sometime early next year that will be tied to the new app. Already have their app installed? Keep an eye out for a update that will add the ability to order from your smartphone.

(Image source: iCLIPART)