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Surprise! Windows 10 Strikes Again

windows 10: under constructionWindows 10: Still Working Out The Bugs

Windows 10 has had its fair share of problems. Since its inception in 2015, there have been bugs galore. Broken printers, Office unable to install, and so many others. Microsoft’s newest mistake may be one of the most widespread issues to date. So much so that Microsoft had a fix issued for the problem a day after it surfaced. Whether or not you get the update and get that patched in the one day remains to be seen.

The new issue affecting millions of systems is the loss of the search feature. When users click on the magnifying glass near the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen, the start menu’s search feature displays nothing. The start menu items are blank, and the search function is incapable of actually searching. It was an error that users noticed very quickly. How many times a day do we search for something instead of manually exploring folders until we find it?

The fix was issued fast, but how can things like this repeatedly make it out onto computers in the world? It appears that there is not quite the amount of testing going on that there should be.  After all, it doesn’t appear to be a fluke or a rare mistake; after every Windows 10 update, the question of “how did this make it past testing?” is asked.

Windows 10 is here for the foreseeable future, and when it works, it’s quite user-friendly. There’s a lot of potential in Windows 10 that’s clouded by these bugs and the retirement of Windows 7.

That said, with Windows 7 support officially over, Microsoft should be able to focus its programming team on Windows 10. Hopefully, these issues should not continue at the frequency at which they do. It is probably wishful thinking, but I am going to assume that Microsoft will double its Windows 10 effort, and these issues (that we didn’t have with Windows 7) will be gone.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)