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Unlock Your House Via Your Smart Phone

We’ve all suffered this inconvenience at least a dozen times in life; door locked, hands full and now the dreaded contortionist movements to retrieve your keys and manage to slide it in the lock. It’s a problem that has plagued the developed world, but alas no more.

Enter the Kwikset Kevo. The dead-bolt door lock that is Bluetooth enabled to connect to your smart phone (currently Apple’s iPhone 4 & 5 are the only compatible devices) and unlock your house with just the touch of your finger. That’s right, just your index finger to gain access to your house. No more searching aimlessly in your pockets for a key or fob, you just need your phone in your pocket and your finger.

The Kevo operates off of your smart phone with a secure encrypted connection. You just have to touch the lock with a finger and it will automatically unlock the door for you. Another great feature of this lock is the ekey option. You can send a key electronically to another iPhone user that you want to have access to your house. A pet sitter, a service man or even an unexpected out-of-town guest, can all gain access quickly and securely.

For those who do not own an Apple device and don’t want to spring for one just to use this lock, there’s a work-around for you. Enter the key fob. One is included with the lock, and is programmable to the individual user’s needs. This allows the same level of access as the phone, and you don’t have to take it out of your pocket to use it.

If the batteries in the lock fail, or you lose both your phone and the fob, don’t worry, this lock comes with a manual over-ride option via a standard key. Just insert in the lock, turn, and voila! Old-school technology saves the day once again! Expect to see the Kwikset Kevo on shelves this summer.